Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break

For Andrew's spring break from school we decided to take a trip to Arizona so that he can see where I grew up and meet the last of my siblings whom he hadn't met yet. It is indeed a long drive. We probably added an hour and a half to two hours with all our stops we made, but our trip wouldn't have been as memorable if we hadn't had made our stops and taken some pictures! We talked and laughed and listened to music as we cruised along! Once we got to Flagstaff we were anxious to be there! We were super excited to see my family and both pooped from the long drive! While in Arizona Andrew and I hung out with nieces and nephews... met our new nephew Max, took care of some wedding stuff, went to trapper's for breakfast (I figured he ought to try their yummy biscuits and gravy), got together with friends Lawryn and Tyler, and other miscellaneous things. After spending a few days in Arizona we decided to take a drive to Las Vegas to see my sister and her family! On the way there we stopped at Hoover dam for a little break from driving. We came to the conclusion that, that dam is incredible! We would have liked to take a tour and learn a little more, but prices were out of our budget! Since when do you have to pay a ridiculous amount to learn about a dam?! Oh well! After five days of being away from home in Utah we made it back! We had a good time together and with my family! They are all wonderful people and we are grateful to have them as family!

An farm full of Elk... crazy eh?!

Random pond along the way!

Sweet home Arizona!!

Halfway home and a stop at my favorite summer get-a-way... Lake Powell!

We thought this picture we pretty sweet... he was giving me a piggy back ride

At my brother Jason's house in Arizona... Andrew holding baby Tyce!

In front of the beautiful Snowflake Temple

Because the battery died on our camera... we were trying to trick it
by letting it be for a moment then turning it on quickly and
snap a picture... it worked a couple times and then no more... this is
what we got.

On our way to Vegas we made a stop at Hoover Dam..

Now entering Nevada!

And back home to beautiful Utah.... it was ridiculously
windy, can you tell?!