Thursday, May 17, 2012

Catching up!

 Parks is getting so big and growing up way to fast! It was so fun celebrating mothers day this year and being a mother myself. I'm so blessed to be his mother! He is such a joy and both Andrew and I can't get enough of him! We love you our little Parks man!

 This was an early morning with dad.. Andrew so kindly hung out with Parks so I could sleep another hour or so! :)
 I love those cheeks and smile!
 whenever I put him in his swing he usually ends up like this^... one time I scooted him back up and he got mad and started fussing then scooted himself back down, stopped fussing and chilled like this^ for like 10 minutes... haha such a nerd
 And this is what Parks looks like when you try and wash his neck.. haha :)
 All Clean and cute as can be!
Isn't he such a stud?! I think so! :) 

Happy 3rd Anniversary to us yesterday! It was a wonderful day! We went to dinner at Chef's Table and all was well until this group of ppl came in and were seated in the same room as us and one other table... One guy in this group was full of himself and LOUD... his voice echoed throughout the whole room and everyone else at that table couldnt get a word in cause he was non stop talking about money and the "largest in the world" this and the "largest in the world" that. He was pretty obnoxious! But other than that the food was DELICIOUS and I was with my husband so that's all that mattered! 

Andrew being the thoughtful person that he is called ahead of time to make us reservations, but also asked that they get some flowers and place them on the table for me when we arrive! They were beautiful! 
 Below is a picture of our dessert.. it was light and so yummy!!

Andrew and I have both become very passionate about cooking and good food so its always fun for us to try new restaurants!

Thank you Andrew William Lewis for asking me to marry you and be your wife! It's been the most incredible  3 years and to think that we made this little guy...
Makes me smile everyday!! Thanks for being such a good daddy and my bestest friend ever! I love you always and forever!! 

If any of you care to watch our wedding video here are the links!... 

Happy 26th Birthday to my husband on April 21st! Here are pics from the day of celebration!!

At 3:00 in the morning I placed these balloons in our room while he was sleeping... each string had something I loved about him (26 total for his 26th birthday) I'm glad he didnt wake up to go to the bathroom like he occasionally does, the balloon strings may have freaked him out in the dark! :)

 BBQ in the backyard... it was a beautiful day!
 Getting ready to eat some cake!
Blowing out the candles! 

After the BBQ the guys gathered around the TV and watched the UFC fight, thats when us girls (me, Nesha, and sister Amber) bailed to the theatre and watched The Lucky One!