Thursday, January 28, 2010


I had the Wonderful opportunity to go home to Arizona to visit my family! Unfortunately Andrew was too busy with school and could not come, so him and I were apart for a WHOLE WEEK and after being away from him for 3 days I decided I will not allow us to ever be apart for that many days ever again! I had a fantastic time being with my family, but I missed my husband, best friend, and love of my life like crazy!! Here are some good times I had in sweet home ARIZONA....

My dad, my nephew Dave, and I... Isn't family the best?! I had a great time wrestling with my dad and teasing him that he better be careful or he'll have to live with the shame of getting taken to the ground by his 22 year old daughter :) I sure love you dad!!
Lawryn, Christina, and I got together and watched the Bachelor! Oh the drama on that show... I look forward to it each week! :) Thanks girls for a fun night together and catching up on old times!
One of my goals while I was there was to help my mom organize her kitchen. While there I got a little taste of how crazy her life is between babysitting her millions of grandchildren, being a mother and wife, as well as the relief society president!! She is a BUSY woman!! I sure love you mom and am glad I got to spend some time with you in the kitchen and laugh at the realization that you were acting like grandma at moments not wanting to throw away a few junk items! haha oh good times! :) here is a before picture of the project....^
and after..... I didn't get to every single cubard and drawer like I would have liked to, but I got the majority of it! I love to organize, I do it quite a bit as part of my job and the finished project is always refreshing to look at!
Nieces and nephews at McDonalds for some Ice Cream, they are so darn cute and I can't believe my oldest niece Chelsea (on the far right)^ will be getting her license in ONE year! Crazy how time flies and how fast they grow up! My nephew Jett is too funny... I was chasing him around the house and suddenly he stopped and said (with his cute little lisp), "I don't have time for this.... I'm too busy!" and then went and played the Wii. We had to CONVINCE him into leaving his game on the Wii in order to go get some ice cream. Addicted?! I'd say :)
This was a special treat!! I got to meet my best friends from high school, little girl Brooklynn!! She is such a doll and such a good baby! Lawryn you make such a good mother! You and Tyler have began a beautiful family! love you guys!!
My cute nephew Jordan... him and I went to the Stake center and played a little basketball, he pretty much whooped my butt! He killed me many times in the game of Horse and then again in a game of one on one!
Little Dave... ah that smile!! I love it :)
Katie and I took the youngin's to see Alvin and the Chipmunks the Squekual. It was such a cute movie and I had a great time spending time with nieces, nephew, sister, and sister-in-law. Thanks Katie for coming along and thanks kids for putting up with your Aunt Jena and Mckala in your case, your sister, one whom is it bit bossy towards you but truely appreciates all that you do! You're the best little sister! :) Chelsea... you've got to stop growing, you're taller than me and 7 years younger!
Believe it or not, it DOES snow in Arizona!! Anytime I say something about snow in Arizona to someone who is not from there, I always get a response of , "what?! it snows in Arizona?!" Haha..... it snowed like crazy in the white mountains of Arizona while I was there visiting.... So much that they closed the Ski Resort on the day I was planning on going because there was just TOO much snow! Total bummer cause i was looking forward to snowboarding, but the snow was absolutely beautiful... This was on the way to phoenix to catch my flight to come back to Utah, I thought I was going to get snowed in, in Arizona, but roads opened and I was able to come back to my husband!
On the way to phoenix as well, it went from lots of beautiful snow the majority of the way, to a beautiful waterfall....
And the BEST ending to my trip... My sweet husband Andrew told me he'd not be able to pick me up from the airport because he had a 24 hour clinical shift at a fire station. So I made arrangements with my sister Amber to pick me up and to my surprise, as I came around the corner heading to get my luggage, Andrew was standing there with the most beautiful flowers in his hands... I almost started crying at the fact that he was right there and I was not expecting it! It was the BEST feeling in the world, I was so down about not getting to see him for ANOTHER day, but he pulled a few strings and was able to be there!! Thanks babe for being the MOST INCREDIBLE husband in the world!!
Aren't they pretty?!

I also got to go on a couple lunch dates, with my friend Rikki, as well as my other mother Deanna, and Lawryn. I had my camera with me both times, but forgot to get a picture darnit! It was so good to see ya'll, especially you Rikki, since its been YEARS since we've gotten together! love you ladies!! :)

Also a dear friend of my families, Emmett aka Dr. Hayes from California, was visiting my family as well while I was there. He taught me how to make Swedish Cinnamon Rolls and OH! were they yummy!! Thanks for the cooking tips and a great recipe Emmett!

And that concludes my trip to Arizona... it was a good one!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's a New Year!! 2010

Well this New Year has been a good one so far! To bring in the New year my mother-in-law, father-in-law, amber, glenn, andrew, and I played some Uno! It was quite fun!!
We then went over to Tyler Gardner's where we played some more games and welcomed in the New Year once midnight struck the clock. Then we made waffles and feasted upon them to celebrate!!
Kalicia, Willy, Shay, and Lance just chillin
Tyler the chef of 2010's waffle feast

So back in August Andrew and I got tickets to go see stomp! So we've been looking forward to it for quite sometime and that is how we celebrated my 22nd birthday!! They were AMAZING!!! I couldn't help but bang on everything I came across when we got home, just to see what kind of music I could make out of it :) ha! Thanks baby for a fantastic night!
The STOMP crew
I think this may have actually been before the New Year.... but I still wanted to post it! Shaylee, Kalicia, Willy, Andrew, and I went bowling. It was totally sweet! We had a good time. Shaylee just recently moved to Utah and we are excited to have her here! She is such a sweet girl! :)

Well here's to a New Year! Andrew and I sat down together to set some New Year's Resolutions. Here are a few....
  • Run a half marathon
  • Visit 10 new temples that we've never been to
  • Become a better swimmer
  • Take a road-trip to Las Vegas on the MOTORBIKE
  • Write in journal at least once a week
And the list goes on!! May 2010 be a good one!! HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! May it be filled with joy and happiness!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

Well it was my first Christmas away from home and although I did miss my family, my in-laws and husband sure made it a wonderful day! Andrew and I discussed traditions we would like to have with our kids in the future... some carried on from Andrews family, others carried on from my family, and ones of our own. I'm excited for them and the many memories to come!
Christmas Morning in our Christmas PJ's

Sara and Stewart announced some exciting news in which we were all not expecting, but of course super excited!!! Our niece Ali who is 8 months old was wearing a onsie which said "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" on the front... and then on the back it says... "Our new baby will soon be here" When we first read it we thought they were kidding, but nope they were quite serious! This will make Ali and the new baby 15 months apart when he/she is born! Congrats Sara and Stew!! We can't wait to meet our new little niece/nephew! :)
My sweet sweet husband has been quite sneaky the last couple months. There were quite a few days where I would receive a phonecall from Andrew telling me that I MUST inform him when I'm on my way home from work and if I didn't then I'd ruin EVERYTHING! ha silly boy! One day as I was doing laundry I noticed some of his clothes covered in saw dust.... I knew he was up to something!! So after much curiosity I finally figured it out on Christmas day. My sweet sweet husband made me a step stool to make up for my lack in height! I was SOOO excited! I can now reach into my kitchen cubards... its fantastic!
My father-in-law and sweet little niece Ali

Another surprise from Andrew! A sweet picture of Amsterdam... perfect for my big blank wall!
Our nephew Blake... Doesn't he look like a stud in his new construction goggles and hard hat?! :)
Little Bree playing Dr. with Samantha with her new Dr. gear!

We hope that all of you had a wonderful Christmas !!