Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Andrew's sexy work uniform! I am a lucky one! :)

I kinda have to brag a little... about not only how good looking my fiance is, but for the hard working, and smart boy he is as well! He starts his days every morning anywhere from 5-6 A.M... depending on whether it's school or work he is going to that day. He is in the Fire Academy which is ridiculously intense! They work their bums hard ALL day long! The days he isn't at school, he spends working, and volunteering at the hospital, and then still somehow manages to find time to study and spend time with me in which I definitely look forward to! Today he took his state tests... Four hours spent on written tests and then skills testing for the remainder of his day at school. When I took him lunch, he told me he was a little nervous to see the outcome of one of the tests.... BUT... the results are in and he PASSED ALL the tests!!!!! I had no doubt he would... He is so dang smart!! Good Job Babe!!! I love you! :)

Another favorite picture of mine, of him... on his motorbike! Nothing
gets better than a bike ride on a beautiful day!

To preach & teach the words like missionaries do.. !

My dear friend Mallori is going on a mission! She was called to serve in Manchester, New Hampshire. I thought she was joking when she first told me she was serious about a mission... but now it is all really happening! Andrew and I had the privilege of being there when she opened her call! What an exciting time!! I first met Mallori back in the year of 2006 when she became my roommate. We became really good friends and have been since! She has always been a good friend towards me and is always willing to drop what she is doing at the moment to help not only me, but anyone in need. She is a very kind hearted person. Because of the person Mallori is and her great desire to serve, I know she will make a fantastic missionary! Congrats Mallori, We love you!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Some fun times we've had together!

While at work in Midway, Andrew discovered this gigantic snowman(first picture). We decided we were going to make one even bigger! So one evening after a snowfall, we put on some snow clothes and headed out to build OUR gigantic snowman. Two hours later this is what we came up with... what do you think? Who wins?!

This is our first picture together in the year 2009! We had quite the night! We played games with Andrew's family which was pretty darn intense.... I saw a competitive side of family members I had never seen before! ha! It was a good time! When the clock struck Andrew and I laid a big fat whoppin kiss on each other... it was indeed a good one! :) 

We got together with some friends and went shooting clay pigeons. I indeed was a terrible shot. I think I hit maybe 2 pigeons out of probably 50! Andrew on the other hand has quite the eye for shooting. He loves his guns!

We've gone a couple times up to Sundance for a day on the slopes together! Nothing gets better than the view from the top of the Mountain! It was absolutely beautiful! 

These pictures are way back in the beginning stages of our relationship. Andrew "tried" to surprise me with plans to go to a demolition derby... but me being a curious one asked questions trying to figure it out and I guessed it, but he denied that being the plan until the day came! It was super fun!! 

We spent an evening making sugar cookies and decorated them Christmasy and delivered them to some friends as a little Christmas treat this past Christmas. As you can see I got Andrew good with some flour in the face! haha sucka :) I love you baby! 

This past October we had the opportunity to go with my family to Disneyland and California Adventure... It was our first road trip together and it was indeed a good one! 

Andrew's sister Sara (the one who set us up) and her cute family, as well as Andrew and I spent a day at the Hogle zoo! It had been ages since I've been to a zoo! 

Andrew has a motorbike in which we both enjoy riding and can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can go on a sweet ride! During the first couple weeks of us hanging out, we went on a four hour motorbike ride.... Rode to Cascade Springs which was beautiful, then around the canyon through American Fork and back to Orem. It was the perfect day!

The Engagement!

It is official!! We are getting married!! My best friend Andrew William Lewis asked me if I would marry him! I figured it was probably going to happen when I least expected it, and sure enough it did! I arrived at his house around ten or so on February 11, as I usually do when I work late nights. I thinking its going to be just the usual get together and watch a movie or something until we get tired and then say goodnight and go our separate ways to go to bed. But this night was different. Andrew, the sweet person that he is, was slicing me up an apple when he suddenly stopped and said oh! Your surprise! … He leaves the room and returns with a beautiful vase of flowers! I thanked him and told him I loved them, but still had no idea there would be more! We continued talking and eating apples when again he says oh! There’s another part of your surprise… he walks to the fridge and pulls out strawberries... I LOVE STRAWBERRIES, so I got super excited thinking how yummy those sound right about now! Forget the apples… I want strawberries!!!  Haha J So I’m stuffing my face with the yummy strawberries when I notice “the letter” sitting on the counter, and so I ask him if its for me and he responds yes so I ask if I can read it and he says YES but that I’m going to have to sit down and read it out loud. THIS is when I knew something was up!! I began to read the letter and I couldn’t help but smile at his cute cheesy rhymes, which I absolutely LOVE!!! As I was reading the letter I was kinda freaking out in my mind thinking it’s happening, it’s finally happening!!! At the end of the letter it said he had a question to decide our eternity, and when I turned around he was down on one knee with the ring in his hand. I smiled and he was trying to hold back tears. I remember the look on his face so vividly and I was reminded at that moment of how lucky I am to be “the one” in his presence at that moment in time. I gave him a big hug and then he asked me... “Will you marry me?” I shook my head yes excitedly up and down! And then told him YES!! The Ring is absolutely beautiful and I feel very privileged to be wearing his great grandma’s diamond! I love it!


So Kalicia woke me up one morning and invited me to come with her, my sister Amber and her husband Glenn, Baby Tyce, and our friend Farley to Denny's for a free Grand Slam breakfast! Amber is a crazy coupon collector and knows about all the good deals and FREE stuff. We arrived at the Denny's in Orem and the line was ridiculously long! Luckily Farley had been waiting for a while so he was at the beginning of the line, but we still had about a 30 minute wait. We finally got in... ate our grand slam and were out of the craziness of people everywhere!