Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Valentine's Day

Unfortunately this years Valentine's Day fell on a Monday which means I worked during the day and then continued work throughout the night because Andrew's schedule was just as busy... school during the day and work until midnight. So our schedules clashed which left us with no time to spend together on this day of love, but nobody knows me better than my sweet husband! .... When he arrived home late late monday night, he surprised me with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of FLOWERS as well as a box of GRAPEFRUIT! I have a little obsession with grapefruit. If I have them on hand, which usually I do. I'll have 3 or more a day. I have sores on my tongue because of how acidic they are, but that will indeed not keep me from eating them. And what girl doesn't love beautiful flowers given to them by a super hot boy that they're crushin on?! So... to the best Valentine's Day surprise!!!! I love you Andrew William Lewis! Thanks for making me feel special! :)
Yes, at this time half of the grapefruit is missing... they found my stomach real fast!
Aren't they pretty?! :)