Monday, December 13, 2010

Lunch with the Girls!

This past Saturday my good friends Amanda, Noelle, Lori Jane, and I were able to get together. This is something I look forward to each time we plan a lunch or dinner date! These girls were strangers to me a little over two years ago, but when we became roommates for our 25 day American/Church History tour back in September 2008, they became some of my BEST friends! I love them to pieces and am so glad they are part of my life! Amanda will be leaving on a mission to Kentucky the end of this month... we will miss her!! Good luck girl, I love you!
Amanda, Noelle, Lori Jane, and I at Kneaders for some brunch and catching up on life :)

Below are some pictures/memories from our Tour.... It was so fun looking back and giggling to myself of all the fun times we had together! Good times I will never forget!
This is the whole group! Our family for 25 days!
Far West
Boston... oh how I love Boston!
This is Noelle and a perfect picture of what you get when you put the 4 of us together!
I'm already forgetting where some of these pictures are... Girls, can you fill me in here?
DC Temple!
Williamsburg Colonial