Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Wonderful Month of December

What a wonderful month it has been. We enjoyed many fun activities and festivities with family and friends! I was quite anxious to attend the festival of trees having heard many good things about it.... for those of you who don't know about the Festival of Trees it is a charitable celebration where people create and decorate a tree and donate it to the Festival of Trees where they auction each tree off and all the proceeds are donated to the Primary Childrens Hospital which I think is totally sweet! Our sister in law decorated and donated a "Fancy Nancy" tree... it turned out SO SO cute!! Thanks Sari and Mckell for joining us at the Festival of Trees!!

My sister Amber and her husband Glenn invited us to spend a weekend with them in Park City @ the Westgate Resort @ the Canyons. It is a beautiful Resort and we had lots of fun! When Andrew and I woke up the next morning we found Tyce sprawled out on his daddy... we walked out for a few minutes and went back into their room where we found Tyce this time sprawled out on his mommy. ha! Amber says its a riot sleeping with him! Thanks Amber and Glenn for the invite! We had a great time!

In the last few months I have become addicted to a show called studio 5... People around salt lake and utah valley share their ideas, crafts, recipes, and much much more on this show. I DVR the episodes and sit and watch in my spare time to learn something new! They sometimes have a question they have us watchers answer on the studio 5 website. I decided I would go online and respond to the question, it being... "where to you find great deals or bargains?" A few days later I was called and informed that for answering the question I was randomly chosen to win 4 tickets to the Forgotten Carols along with the storybook, cd, and dvd of the live performance! Andrew and I invited our friends Braden and Mandy Boyer to come with us and had a jolly ol' time! Thanks for coming along!! It was so nice to see the two of you!!
A couple of my former roommates along with friends Laurel and Amy and I got together one evening and made gingerbread houses! We had a blast! Thanks for coming over girls! :)
A couple of my favorite roomates Rachel and Alexis
Laurel, Amy, Alexis, Rachel, and Me


Here it is December 27... Christmas day has already come and gone and I am just now posting about the FANTASTIC Thanksgiving Andrew and I had. My side of the family all met in Vegas, where we all enjoyed one another's company and ate lots of good food, as well as treated ourselves to a movie at the theater... BLINDSIDE (an absolutely fantastic movie which I recommend all to watch)! It was a wonderful weekend and I am grateful for my family and the wonderful people they are!

Friday, December 4, 2009

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Oh how I love the holiday season! Christmas lights, decorated trees, family togetherness, bundling up on a cold winters night, cuddling next to the fire and drinking hot chocolate, gingerbread houses, lots of goodies, giving to those in need and just giving to give, fun movies such as Elf, A christmas Story, The Grinch, and many more, and MOST importantly... remembering the birth of our Savior! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Andrew and I put up our first and only Christmas decorations last night, which included a few mini lit trees and our stockings... looks like I have some shopping to do to get our house FESTIVE!! We would like to go cut down a real tree, but unfortunately the forest people have already given all of their permits away! WHAT to do?! Be rebels and go cut one down anyways, without a permit?! TEMPTING!!! :)

Well to all of you folks out there, I just want to say Happy Holidays to you all!! It is indeed a wonderful time of year!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vote for LIZ!!! The biggest Loser...

So we are down to the final four contestants of the biggest loser and it is up to America to decide who the final 3 is. It is indeed between Amanda and Liz, and I myself, have put my vote in for Liz to stay! I think Amanda is great, but have come to really like Liz. She is a hip southern woman! To all of my blogging friends and anyone who reads this, PLEASE log onto and vote for LIZ!!!! If you watch the biggest loser than of course vote for who you think should stay.. but definately consider Liz! :) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do this! It's really easy!! The max votes per email is 10... so go on, cast your vote! Thanks :)