Thursday, April 29, 2010


Well it's been quite the eventful last month or so! There are many posts below, sharing our adventures! Our dear friend Baba Alla left a couple weeks ago to go visit her granddaughter in Wisconsin... She will be there for the summer and we will get to see her again in September before she flies back to Russia! She was such a joy to have around! Such a sweet lady! We love her and miss her and look forward to seeing her again in September!


Andrew graduated from the Paramedic Program!! We were both thrilled for him to be done!! He put MANY MANY hours into it and I rarely got to see him because of his CrAzY schedule! So I'm grateful to have my husband back and am SO proud of him and all his hard work! Congratulations baby!!

Andrew's parents treated us to dinner in celebration of his graduation.....
We chose to eat at El Gallo Giro, Andrew ordered "The Rock" for him and I to share.... look at that beast!! Lets just say it wasn't quite my cup of tea and it does terrible things to the body :S


We celebrated Andrew's 24th birthday on April 21st! We had friends and family over to enjoy some birthday cake (Fruit pizza by the birthday boys request!), as well as mingle, and played some ping pong! It was an enjoyable night! You're the best Andrew William Lewis, I sure love you and hope you had a fantastic BIRTHday!


Conference Weekend is something I look forward to every 6 months!! My family comes from Arizona and we spend all weekend in Salt Lake and usually get into 1-2 sessions at the Conference center! My parents have made it a tradition and I have grown to LOVE it! This Conference Andrew and I not only got to be with our family, but we also had Alla with us which was a special treat, all the way from Russia! Thanks Mom and Dad for such a wonderful weekend! We love you both SO Much!!
Alla, Me, Tyce, Mom, Mckala
My sister and I with our wonderful Parents!
Family :)
Sweet Alla and my good lookin husband in the Conference Center

Spring Break

It was spring break for Easton, Savannah, and Tanner a few weeks ago, so thanks to their totally sweet parents we had a great time throughout the week!
We visited the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point, I had never been there before and quite enjoyed it!
Savannah and I had girl time and gave ourselves pedicures and glitter toes!

Soakin the feet!
We went to the 3D showing of How to Train a Dragon and LOVED it!

Thanks for the good times!! I seriously have the best job because of the totally sweet people you are :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Funny boy!

An update it is much needed and I have lots of pictures to share, but for now, I'll share a funny story of my day today....

So I took the cute little boys I nanny to the park because it was such a BEAUTIFUL day! Anyways.. Jack (5 years old) was crossing the monkey bars, got clear across and then on his way back across again he says to me, "Damnit, I'm good at these!"

I at the moment thought I heard him say what he said but was not positive, but it was confirmed that he sure enough said what I thought I heard when he finished getting to the other side and then asked, "Is damnit a bad word?" hahaha!!! The things little kids pick up on! I couldn't help but laugh and then say, "yes Jack, you probably shouldn't say that!" :)