Friday, April 22, 2011

So thoughtful!

So my sister and I went to Arizona about 6 days before our husbands were able to come for the wedding and I tell ya whenever I'm away from Andrew I miss him like CRAZY!!! Amber and I planned to pick our husbands up from the phoenix airport and I was quite anxious! As I've mentioned before, Andrew and I are obsessed with The Cocoa Bean cupcakes! Guess what Andrew surprised me with when he got off that plane at the airport?!.... 3 delicious and full of yumminess cupcakes from the Cocoa Bean! He is seriously the best!
Dang!!! He's smokin... and I am lucky!
Ha yes I couldn't wait, we broke those babies out while waiting for the luggage!

Wedding bells!!

Well this is about a month late but congrats to Willie and Kalicia! They are officially married and have been for a little over a month now! It was so fun to have the family all together in celebration of the two of them! Welcome to the family Willie! :)
I didn't get any pictures from the temple dangit! But if you'd like to see some more go to
on the left me and my two sisters and on the right my three beautiful nieces. In the middle my bro in law Ck's mother, she was helping with all the food, she is fantastic!
The beautiful bride!
Kalicia and our nieces Camry who caught the bouquet, as well as Jacelee and Alisa
At the bridal shower we threw for Kalicia :)
We played the game "how well do you know your fiance" each time she got a question wrong she'd have to chew another piece of bubble gum, she got to the point where she couldnt chew anymore! ha!