Monday, July 27, 2009

The itsy bitsy spider... not so itsy bitsy anymore!

So back when Andrew and I were first dating I received a phone call from him inviting me to join him on a run to the pet store to purchase some crickets. Now you might wonder why on earth would you want to purchase some crickets... at least thats what I thought! One thing you must know about my dear husband is that he LOVES nature... bugs, spiders, snakes, etc. He spent his childhood days finding bugs and feeding them to spiders and watching them grow, taking care of Max aka his pet snake, and watching many nature videos so that he may learn every detail about nature... bugs, spiders, snakes, etc. Continuing on with my story... I absolutely hate spiders but I gladly accepted the invitation to purchase some crickets and feed some spiders, only because I was absolutely infatuated by Andrew! It was that night I was introduced to spider feeding and I do still to this day hate spiders, but I will admit that feeding them is one of the coolest things! We continued feeding a little crab spider throughout our dating months and suddenly it disappeared during the winter BUT!!! one bright and sunny spring day Mr. crab spider re-appeared. Since then Andrew has been feeding him and he is currently living on the right side of our front door. GROSS I know, but the size of him now is amazing... he's huge!! I must share a video of Andrew feeding Mr. crab spider so you all can see how interesting it is.
This is the size of what Mr. crab spider was when Andrew first started feeding it...
This is the size of the Mr. crab spider now.... eww
This would be Andrew trying to get a praying mantis to eat a miniature grasshopper
What a goober but... I LOVE HIM!! :)

Ward Campout!

A couple weekends ago our ward had a big camp-out in Wallsburg, UT. A couple in our ward are the owners of the property and it was the most beautiful place with lots to do! They built a giant slip n slide in which Andrew and I were hesitant to do just because we wanted to get going the next morning, but after watching a few people we figured we oughta go or we'd be missing out! So we did and it was lots of fun! It was indeed a fun getting to know people in our ward!
My crazy husband and I
The GIANT slip n slide!
Dang he's good lookin! :)
Our bro in law, Stew and niece, Bree
We have some crazy grown ups in our ward! Ha the
faces they're all making are great!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Family = love, laughter, and good times

My wonderful mother came to visit us here in Utah, as well as my sister Mckala and niece Chelsea. We had an absolutely fantastic time! My mother treated us to Tucano's which is a sweet Brazilian restaurant with yummy food! Thank you mom!! After which we decided to go swimming at Waterford pool aka the place where Andrew and I first kissed. :) We all had a great time! My mom, Amber, Andrew and I also had the opportunity to attend a session at the Provo Temple together which was a wonderful experience with the ones I love dearly! We love love love it when Mom comes to town! She is the most generous, kind, fun, person I know! We love you mother dearest and hope you had as much fun as we did!
Chelsea, Mckala, Me, Amber, Mom, Tyce
My wonderful husband, me, and my wonderful mom
so cute!!
My beautiful sisters, and beautiful niece, and studly Tyce whom
I can't seem to get enough of!
I thought this was a darn cute picture :)
Lil Tyce is such a stud, this was before his big dive into the pool
Such a cute family!
Andrew, might i say, is a bit obsessed with sharp knives.... I came
home from work to find my dear husband sharpening his own knife
to take to dinner at Tucano's... I will admit though, it is super nice having
a sharp knife to cook with rather than a dole one, so I don't mind the
obsession! I love you baby!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

BBQ Ribs and Utah Symphony

Our Bishop hooked us up with some Utah Symphony Tickets at the waterfall amphitheater at Thanksgiving Point... for all who haven't to the Gardens there... they're a must see! They're absolutely beautiful! We decided to dress up for the event and so we did! We began our date by going to Rib City, (thanks to my sister Amber and her husband Glenn for the gift certificate... you two are the best!) which was delicious! After dinner I convinced Andrew that we must go get ourselves a snowasis because it was simply on the way to our next destination! (I may have a little obsession with their snowcones) Next we were off to the main event of our night, the Utah Symphony! Traffic was absolutely ridiculous!! Tons and tons of people, all going the same direction.. to the same event. We finally made it though and had a wonderful time! Thanks Babe for such a full of fun and fantastic evening!

Simply Enjoying classical music!
The Beautiful Sunset at Thanksgiving Point

Rib City... yum yum!
Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE him!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July

It was Andrew and I's first 4th of July together! We began the day by waking up early and
going to the parade in Provo. After which we wandered to the little fair/tent shops and
saw many cool things! We found some rainier cherries which are absolutely Delicious
and bought a bag of those! We later met up with a couple of my old roommates, Alexis and Rachel, as well as their friends Carrie and Jed.... and went to the Stadium of Fire with tickets that Carrie hooked us up with! We all had a good time and it was so fun to see my good friends... it was a crazy/fun semester living with those two! I sure do love them! Thanks for a fun night!!! :)

This Video is for YOU SARIANNE CONDIE! Ha!
She rocked this song on the way home from Lake Powell!


Water Weenie Wars
Cliff Jumping
Massive Water Slide
Yummy Ice Cream from the Marina
Crazy boat dance parties
Black Eyed Peas
Stan's Burgers
Sun kissed skin
BBQ chicken Pizza
Jet Skis
Boat rides
Beautiful Lake
Lap swimming
Crazy drunk/loud neighbors
Sleeping under the Stars
Invisible football
Crazy Dares- peanut butter licking, toe sucking, etc.
Rockin Houseboat


An ABSOLUTELY wonderful week spent at LAKE POWELL
Thanks to all for such a fun trip and for inviting Andrew and I to come!
We loved every second of it! Many new friends were made and we
hope that our relationships continue to grow! We love you all!!