Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A little behind!!

So I've been quite the slacker on blogging these days! But now I'm all caught up to date with 8 new posts... so enjoy!!!

Andrew has been super busy with school and work... He is well into his first semester out of the 2 for the Paramedic program. His first week of school he brought home needles to practice putting in people. I am terrified of needles and couldn't stand the thought of one being poked into my skin... So he practiced on his mom and dad instead! Thanks mom and dad lewis! :) He is enjoying school and is always anxious to learn more! He does so well and studies hard! He recently tested for a job at Midvale Fire Department, did well, and was asked to come back for the physical testing... So he did and was 2nd best out of 20 I believe! Now the next step in getting hired is the Firefighter skills assessment. He received a letter informing him of his date and time to do this... October 23, seems like forever away, but im sure it'll come quickly! I am so proud of the hard worker my husband is! He not only does well in school and works hard at work, but is always willing to help around the house! I love him and am very grateful for the wonderful man whom is my companion and Best friend through all eternity! Thanks babe for being the person you are!!

I was recently hired to work for another family as a nanny. So I now Nanny full-time for the Smith and Fairbanks Families. They are both absolutely wonderful families and I enjoy spending hours on end with them at their homes. I do many things such as yard work, grocery shopping, errand running, babysitting, homework helper, organizing, etc. It is indeed the sweetest job ever and great experience for when Andrew and I have a family of our own! Andrew and I have been blessed in many, many ways and having work and a job I enjoy is one of our many blessings! A month or so ago I was called to be the 6-7 year old Primary teacher... I am enjoying it and learn so much from the cute kids in my class... They are so smart!!!

This week is an exciting week! We have family and friends coming from Arizona, Las Vegas, and other far away places for General Conference this weekend. For years my parents have made it a tradition to make a trip to salt lake every six months for Conference... I have learned to appreciate it through out the many years and now look forward to attending conference and hearing the words and receiving guidance from our Prophets and leaders! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Conference weekend and am counting down the days when it arrives!

I'm so glad when dad comes to visit, glad as I can be!

My dad flew to utah a couple weekends ago for the BYU vs. Florida state game. I had no idea he was coming til the day he arrived! I had a list of errands I needed to get done that day.. it being my only day off from work that week besides Sunday of course... but instead I spent the day with my dad! His all time favorite place to eat while he is in Utah is Zupa's... also a favorite of mine! So my dad, Amber, Glenn, Tyce, kalicia, and I.. (my husband was stuck at work all day/night) :( met up at Zupa's for lunch! The food was wonderful as always! A few hours later my dad and I went to the game together! Kalicia and my brother Jared were also there but had seats in totally different sections. We had a good time together even though we did get destroyed by Florida! Bummer!
Me and my Padre at the BYU game!
Glenn and Tyce at Zupa's!
Tyce was sure enjoying running around Zupa's giving people high
fives and knuckles. This little boy isn't shy at all! :)
At Zupa's waiting for others to arrive!!

Girls night out!

These four wonderful girls... Sari, Mauri, Cass, and Nikki have become my good friends over the past year! Each one of them are so wonderful and I'm glad that through the connection of our husbands we've become friends! We decided that once a month we are going to have a girls night out... whether it be dinner, a temple trip, a movie night, or even a craft night! We had our first girls night a week or two ago... dinner at The Art City Trolley! We had a fantastic time talking, eating, and enjoying one another's company! Thank you for the wonderful night girls! I love yuh and can't wait til next months girls night! :)

Girls trip!!!

Trisha's husband and 2 of her kids left to Arizona for labor day weekend. Because Trisha was asked to speak at a baptism that weekend, she stayed behind. My sisters Amber and Kalicia and I decided to take a trip to Vegas together and stay with her for the weekend! We did a little shopping, went to the Cheesecake factory, and just spent time together! It was great!
So little Tyce wasn't having the best weekend... He had diarrhea all
weekend which made his bum red and sore! When we finished eating at
the Cheesecake Factory, Amber went to the truck to change yet another
poopy diaper of Tyce's while we waited for the check. Not long after.. Amber
called my phone and said... "Hurry and come help me please! hurry hurry! I
got to go!!" So i run out there and Tyce is screaming at the top of his lungs,
which I was expecting cause thats what was happening each time he
needed a diaper change because of his sore bum. Amber's back was facing me
so I ask her whats going on.... she turns around and this is what i see... I
couldn't help but die laughing... Tyce sharted all over Amber! and the truck!
it was indeed a mess! but funny! Poor Tyce :( he eventually healed and his
bum is back to normal again!
After eating at the Cheesecake factory and the poopy episode....
Amber was there as well but is taking the picture!
The drive back home to Utah... Tyce needed a little break!
I don't blame him!
So cute! Mommy and son
Kalicia was quite anxious to get home... (as was I too, to see my
husband), but I was not in any interest in getting a ticket for
speeding. So Kalicia eventually took over the wheel and we were
home in no time!


Last Monday September 21, was Kalicia's 20th birthday... Amber and I decided to throw her a surprise party! It turned out to be a fantastic party and we all had a good time... with lots of good laughs! Thanks to all who came to the party to support! We hope you had a wonderful Birthday Kalicia... We love you!!!
So this right here was the highlight of the party! Our friend Cradam
is quite hilarious and was all about jumping out of this Happy Birthday
bag in his Speedo... Kalicia was quite surprised!
Happy 20!
Making birthday wishes!
Blowing out the candles!
The Chica's
Family love!
Our sister-in-law who lives in Arizona was here in Utah visiting her
family, so we were glad to have her join us at the party!
Three wonderful people! Mindy, Debbie, and Seth!
Tyce enjoyed playin in the balloons!
The boys!
Sister and Brother Aubrye and Chasen... Don't they look like twins?!
More friends!!!

Last summer vacation to Las Vegas and....

We decided we needed to get away before Andrew started school again.... So we took a roadtrip to Las Vegas to visit my sister and her family and then to Arizona to visit more family! We had a wonderful time in Vegas! Trisha treated us to the Shark Reef aquarium that was totally sweet! Thank you Trisha we loved it! And thank you for letting us kick it at your house and hang with you and your cute family! We love you!
Andrew and I and Trisha's family except for CK... he had to work, bummer!!
LOOK at those TEETH!!!
We thought this was and interesting fish! Isn't it amazing how many
fish there are in the ocean... and to think how many more there are
that haven't been discovered... I'm sure there's tons! I find it very
We were able to touch the sting rays... so slimy!!
Trisha, Kaylene, Josh, Jacelee, and Alisa... so cute! :)
Who has the bigger belly! I think I beat him by a million! :)
Josh with his sweet shark pen and Kaylene!
Trisha and her cute girls Jacelee and Alisa... These two girls
are only a year and 8 days apart!

..... home sweet home Arizona!

I always enjoy going home to visit! While in Arizona we did many fun things and got to spend time with family... It was fantastic! I sure do love my family and I've got to say nieces and nephews are probably one of the sweetest things ever! They are SO fun!
My family gets together EVERY sunday for dinner... My brother Jake
with two of his kids Jocelynn and Til on the trampoline after dinner...
One thing i remember most about Jake while growing up, is him ALWAYS either
jumping on the tramp while throwing dozens of backflips or in a
rocking chair rocking for hours! He threw a few flips with Til in his arms... SCARY!
My cute nieces Courtney and Jocelynn and nephew Jett
Andrew and I borrowed some bikes from our nieces and nephews and
went for a bike ride around the town of Taylor!
Jett LOVES his horse Thunderpants... After our bike ride we
found him in the field with many other BIG horses and cows and
then he told us that he is protecting thunderpants from the bigger
horses and cows because he is not afraid of them! He is such a cowboy!
While in Arizona we were able to celebrate Shannon's birthday!
Andrew and I made our yummy chocolate cake for her.
My beautiful Mother and stinkin cute sister
I hadn't had BAHAMA BUCKS in years... so when we just happened
to drive by a Bahama Bucks I insisted we stop! SO YUMMY! :)
The Beautiful Mesa, Arizona Temple.... It use to be the only temple in
Arizona until Snowflake was built about 5-7 ?! years ago... and now
there are few more in the process of being built! I LOVE the temple!
He is so wonderful! :)


Andrew and I decided we are going to make it a tradition to go to the demolition derby in Sandy each year. One of our 1st official dates, Andrew took me to the Sandy demolition derby... we had such a good time together and decided to go again this year! What is more exciting than cars purposely crashing and catching on fire?! A total redneck event but, it was TONS of fun! We brought along Tanner and he seemed to enjoy it as much as we did! We were glad to have him there with us! ........ This is one of many traditions we want to start in our family..... We would love to hear some of YOUR TRADITIONS!!!

Tanner, me, and my hot hubby.... I work for Tanner's family
so Tanner is indeed like a little brother to me!