Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Time!

Well thus far its been quite the summer!! Here's some pics of things we've been up to!
Our nieces came and visited us from Arizona! We took them for a hike to the "Y"
We got to spend a few days at Lake Powell and somehow Andrew convinced me into going on a Dam tour.... So here we are (i'm taking the picture) getting ready to go on our Dam tour... isnt Andrew's hair lovely?! :)
The giant Dam
My oldest brother Jason with is family and my sister Amber at Lake Powell
Lone Rock beach! Very windy... 1st and possibly the last time we camp there :)
Part of our Lake Powell crew! Thanks Jo for the sweet boat rides!
Us with my little sister Mckala and niece Chelsea at Bridal veil Falls!
The 4th of July at the Stadium of Fire! Brad Paisley is one good looking cowboy with a sexy voice and David Archuletta has quite an amazing voice as well! It was a good show!
Thank you Mom and Dad we had a blast!! LOve you like crazy!!
Jon and Steff took us out on their boat on Utah lake... Thanks you two!!! :)
My good friend Mallori is getting married in 2 weeks!! This is at her Bridal Shower... so fun! :)
Isn't he so stinkin cute?! This is our nephew little Dave at the Pioneer Days parade!
At the Snowflake Pioneer Days Parade!
More nieces and nephew at the parade! oh how i love these munchkins!
We visited Eagar for a day while in Arizona... got to see where my little sister and her hubby live! These are some horns my brother in law found... just to give you an idea how big they are!
Kalicia and Willy let us shoot their bows and arrows... it was quite fun if i do say so myself!
Kalicia and Willy... they're pretty much pros!
After visiting Arizona we drove to St. George and spent a night there! It was so fun and so nice to spend some alone time with just my hubby!! We ate at Brick Oven for dinner that night, it was delicious!!
We stopped by the St. George temple... it is beautiful!!

Well a couple more weeks of summer and then its back to school for Andrew! Summer always goes by WAY to fast but this one has sure been busy!

Monday, August 1, 2011

20 weeks Preggers

I'm actually 22 almost 23 weeks along now but never got a chance to post about the exciting things that happened at 20 weeks.... We found out we are having a BOY!!! To see the ear to ear smile on Andrew's face when that little wiener popped up on the ultrasound screen and we both knew our first born would be a boy I was filled with happiness and excitement! We are SO excited!!! Then to make things even better, that very night we found out it was a Boy, I felt him move inside me! He gave me a few good kicks to the stomach, I had been wondering when I would get to feel the little guy move! Now he kicks and does somersaults daily, he's quite active, and Andrew gets to join in on the excitement of feeling him move too! Its so fun! We are looking forward to having Baby Parks (still thinking of a middle name?!) join our little family! Can't wait to meet you!! :)
20 weeks along!