Thursday, December 8, 2011

Birth Story :)

Parks Andrew Lewis 7 lbs. 6 oz. 19 1/2 inches

Friday December 2nd we welcomed baby Parks into our family! It was a special day for the birth of our son because it was my Grandma Hatch's birthday as well who passed away just a little over a year ago.
It had been a long month previous... being told that I will probably go into labor before my due date. At my 36 week check up the Dr. told me he'd be surprised if i made it to my next appointment. Well 1 week passed, then 2, and then my due date (December 1st) had come and I was still pregnant! I went into my 40 week check up and I didn't even have to ask... The first thing Dr. Broberg asked me was would you like me to schedule inducement for tomorrow and I excitedly said yes please!
Tomorrow (Friday December 2nd) finally came! We were up at 5 a.m. waiting for the hospital to call me in. They hadn't called by the time 6:30 rolled around so I called them. They informed me that all their rooms were full and to call back in a couple hours. So we crashed on the couch to get a couple more hours of sleep in! We woke up called again and still were full. At around 11 a.m. I got a call from the hospital and they said be here at noon! We arrived filled out some paper work and then waited in a triage room while they cleaned the room I'd be delivering in. The nurse checked my dilation and I was at a 4.5... she moved me to my room and started pit at around 2. Contractions were definitely coming but I wasn't quite feeling them yet. All the sudden about 3 pm or so I heard a popping noise and then a gush flow... I turned to my nurse and said I think my water just broke and sure enough it had! Contractions started coming on like crazy not too long after and it was then that I decided I want an epidural! My sweet husband helped me through each contraction until the anesthesiologist got there and hooked me up! Might I just say... the epidural was FANTASTIC! :) By 7 pm I was dilated at a 10 and ready to push! My nurse contacted my Dr. on call who was Dr. Rees and she informed me he was on his way to Timpanogas hospital to deliver another baby and then would be right over. I was thinking are you kidding me?! I'm ready to push NOW and am STARVING!! But it was what it was and the baby's heart rate was good. So I just chilled there very uncomfortably watching the foodnetwork channel drooling over all the food on the screen! Finally at 8:50 pm Dr. Rees arrives and we get to business! After 15 minutes of pushing Baby Parks arrived at 9:05 pm. Tears rolled down both Andrew and I's cheeks... our sweet Baby Boy whom we had been anxiously waiting to come, was here! But... Something wasn't right, they didn't hand him to me like I had asked them to right when he was born. I didn't hear him cry and he was immediately taken by a team of NICU nurses. Dr. Rees explained to me that he had ingested meconium which is causing him not to breathe very well if not at all. He assured me that he would be ok. At that time Andrew had left with Parks to the NICU where they hooked him up to the CPAP mask, an IV, and other tubes and wires. After what seemed forever Andrew returned, hugged me and was bawling. I immediately got scared and started crying too... I thought everything was going to be ok. Andrew proceeded to tell me that Parks didn't look good that his body was greyish/purple and that he's struggling. The nurses informed him that theres a chance he could get pneumonia. So many thoughts ran through my head! Us being first time parents and so excited to meet our sweet son, this is not how we pictured it. It was an emotional roller coaster for us! But... after 8 hours in the NICU, Parks didn't have pneumonia, was breathing normally and was able to leave and be with us!... what a long 8 hours that was but we are so so grateful for the wonderful nurses who helped Parks get through it all and for Dr. Rees who is a fantastic Dr. by the way, even if he did make me wait a long close to 2 hours before pushing! :)
Babies are truly a miracle and I'm so grateful for the opportunity that Andrew and I have to be parents to Sweet Baby Parks. He is so precious and the best Christmas gift we could ever receive!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Japanese Dinner, Big Belly, and Baby Shower

So my sweet husband, a few days ago, informed me that we are having dinner at a friends house on sunday (yesterday), but would not tell me any details. So of course I strain my brain and try to get any clue out of him I can to figure it out. Little did I know he had been planning a Japanese Dinner with one of his co workers, Jenny Wall. Jenny served her mission in Japan and is very passionate about their food, and created her dining room into a Japanese Dining room... low table, pillows for chairs, and all! Its really a spectacular/beautiful dining room and so fun! I had no idea what was going on until we got to this unknown house and knocked on the door... and behind that door Jenny answered! I had guessed we'd be going to her house only because she was one of the 2 people I know that lived in Saratoga Springs! But I was still pretty surprised!! We were introduced to Jenny's husband and 4 adorable kids! They are such a fun family! Jenny shared her Japanese recipes with us and together we all cooked up a Japanese feast! We then enjoyed our meal in their Japanese Dining room and even ate with chop sticks! It was so fun!! Thanks Andrew for the wonderful surprise! You are stinkin cute and I love you!! And thank you to the Wall family for welcoming us into your home and for sharing a yummy meal with us!! :)
This is Andrew and I with Jenny and her kids in their Japanese Dining Room!

And for another pregnancy picture....

This is me at 32 weeks and 2 days... My belly is growing at rapid speed now! Ahh!! At this point in my pregnancy I'm starting to get a bit uncomfortable... sitting in a theater to watch a movie or sitting anywhere for too long is miserable and I toss and turn mostly every night trying to find a comfortable position to fall asleep and it seems that just when I find that spot I have to get out of bed to go pee! Parks also likes to do his kickboxing exercises just as I lay down! Little stinker! I've definitely got the pregnancy waddle down and Andrew is constantly making fun of how I often use my stomach as an arm rest! haha Lets just say I'm counting down the weeks wishing they'd go by a little quicker! Whenever I see newborn babies or just cute little kids I can't help but get all excited for our little guy to get here! I've almost got the nursery together and am super excited about the furniture I found on KSL! Not only did I get a good deal on both a crib and dresser, but they're both stinkin cute! :)
One last thing!!.... My sisters and sister in laws were so sweet to put on a baby shower for me in Arizona! It was so so fun to see and visit with friends and family there! Thank you all who came and for your love and support and fun gifts!! and to my sisters for all their hard work and creativity in planning it all! You are awesome and I love you all!! I was super bummed that I didn't get any pictures with my friends/family that were there! :( I think my sister in law snapped a few randoms so I'll have to track those down! The above picture though is absolutely adorable... My SIL Mindy made this diaper motorcycle cause she knows how into motorcycles Andrew is... how cute is that?!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

40 years

Labor Day weekend my whole family got together at our cabin in Colorado to celebrate my parents 40 year anniversary! Thats including my siblings, inlaws, nieces/nephews, mom, and dad for a grand total of 40. How sweet is that!? My parents have created a family of 40 in 40 years! :) It was quite the houseful, but we all had a grand ol' time! Below are pictures of our adventures and weekend together!
All because 2 people fell in love... my lovely parents! They are seriously awesome and I'm so grateful to them for all that they've done and sacrifices they've made to raise our family! They are incredible and I love them dearly! Happy 40 years Mom and Dad! WE LOVE YOU!
This is all 40 of us at the cabin!
My cute nephew Jordan! I seem to always get a picture of him gutting some kind of animal when at the cabin!
Kalicia was quite proud of the rabbit she shot!
Glenn and the boys! Adorable!!
The boys and their big guns! Watch out!
A few of my parents 21 grandchildren (mine will be #22!) :)
This was quite fun! Our family took a scenic train ride going from Durango to Silverton and Silverton back to Durango... this is Andrew and I in front of the train in Silverton.
Missing a few, but alot of us in Silverton just after eating some lunch!
Half of us on the train!
So beautiful!
Glenny poo and Willie!
More beauty!
Andrew and my Dad!
Some of the gang! My brother Jake his wife Lexie, their 3 boys, and my sister Amber!
More nature
More of the crew! My brother Jarom his wife Katie their 2 boys, mom, dad, Kalicia, and Willie!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Concert and Wedding

So a couple fun things happened in the month of August... Andrew and I were so kindly given tickets to a Josh Groban concert from my boss (seriously my boss's are totally sweet!) The concert was incredible and Josh Groban not only has an amazing voice, but is quite the comedian as well... he puts on a good show! It was so nice to have a night out on the town with my hubby! Thank you Phil and Shani Smith!! :)
Meet ELEW... He opened for Josh Groban with his amazing piano skills!
Josh and his band bowing after the show!
At the concert!

Also my good friend Mallori got married, and I got to be one of her bridesmaids! Mallori and I became roommates soon after high school and at one point were inseparable! We've had good times and many memories to look back on and reminisce! She married Jason Fuller whom I think is awesome and together they are ADORABLE!! There wedding was Beautiful! Congrats you two!! I love you both!!
Coming out of the temple after their sealing... Such a wonderful/exciting feeling!!
At their reception in Vernal! It looks like they were nice with the cake, but it got pretty messy!
My sweet husband! (at the reception) I love those cheeks! And his cute facial expressions :)
Us with the newly weds Mr. and Mrs. Fuller!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

28 Weeks

Well this is me at 28 weeks! Pregnancy has been going well besides a few back aches here and there! I really can't complain. We are so anxious and excited! Its been so fun to see my belly move and feel him kicking inside. Little Parks we already love you soo much and can't wait to meet you in less than 3 months! :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Time!

Well thus far its been quite the summer!! Here's some pics of things we've been up to!
Our nieces came and visited us from Arizona! We took them for a hike to the "Y"
We got to spend a few days at Lake Powell and somehow Andrew convinced me into going on a Dam tour.... So here we are (i'm taking the picture) getting ready to go on our Dam tour... isnt Andrew's hair lovely?! :)
The giant Dam
My oldest brother Jason with is family and my sister Amber at Lake Powell
Lone Rock beach! Very windy... 1st and possibly the last time we camp there :)
Part of our Lake Powell crew! Thanks Jo for the sweet boat rides!
Us with my little sister Mckala and niece Chelsea at Bridal veil Falls!
The 4th of July at the Stadium of Fire! Brad Paisley is one good looking cowboy with a sexy voice and David Archuletta has quite an amazing voice as well! It was a good show!
Thank you Mom and Dad we had a blast!! LOve you like crazy!!
Jon and Steff took us out on their boat on Utah lake... Thanks you two!!! :)
My good friend Mallori is getting married in 2 weeks!! This is at her Bridal Shower... so fun! :)
Isn't he so stinkin cute?! This is our nephew little Dave at the Pioneer Days parade!
At the Snowflake Pioneer Days Parade!
More nieces and nephew at the parade! oh how i love these munchkins!
We visited Eagar for a day while in Arizona... got to see where my little sister and her hubby live! These are some horns my brother in law found... just to give you an idea how big they are!
Kalicia and Willy let us shoot their bows and arrows... it was quite fun if i do say so myself!
Kalicia and Willy... they're pretty much pros!
After visiting Arizona we drove to St. George and spent a night there! It was so fun and so nice to spend some alone time with just my hubby!! We ate at Brick Oven for dinner that night, it was delicious!!
We stopped by the St. George temple... it is beautiful!!

Well a couple more weeks of summer and then its back to school for Andrew! Summer always goes by WAY to fast but this one has sure been busy!

Monday, August 1, 2011

20 weeks Preggers

I'm actually 22 almost 23 weeks along now but never got a chance to post about the exciting things that happened at 20 weeks.... We found out we are having a BOY!!! To see the ear to ear smile on Andrew's face when that little wiener popped up on the ultrasound screen and we both knew our first born would be a boy I was filled with happiness and excitement! We are SO excited!!! Then to make things even better, that very night we found out it was a Boy, I felt him move inside me! He gave me a few good kicks to the stomach, I had been wondering when I would get to feel the little guy move! Now he kicks and does somersaults daily, he's quite active, and Andrew gets to join in on the excitement of feeling him move too! Its so fun! We are looking forward to having Baby Parks (still thinking of a middle name?!) join our little family! Can't wait to meet you!! :)
20 weeks along!

Friday, July 8, 2011


Well I think I'm becoming a Ragnar Addict! This was my second Ragnar, the So Cal Ragnar with friends from Arizona & Utah, as well as my sister and 3 of my sister-in-laws! It was a blast!!! Thank you girls for such and enjoyable weekend! :)
Our team except for Becky (she had to catch a flight)... Scrambled Legs N' Achen rocked the So Cal!
My sister and I!
Teresa and I sporting our RAGNAR tats!
Sheridan after her adventurous run 2 miles longer than expected!
Van #2, missing Sheridan, she is running!
Me and my good friend Mallori!

Amber and I are gathering runners for the Wasatch Back (Utah) ragnar next June! We would like to sign up by July 28th! Let me know if any of ya'll would like to run and could have the $105 fee to us then! :)