Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beautiful Colorado

Andrew and I had the wonderful opportunity to get away last weekend... My brother Jason and his family, along with their friends, Kristy and Randy Olsen and their kids, headed to our Hatch family cabin in good ol' Mancos Colorado... and at last minute we decided to tag along. So they came from Arizona and we came from Utah and met them there. It was an absolutely wonderful weekend! Thanks for letting us come Jason and Shannon! We love you and your cute family!

We spent a day in the mountains and enjoyed lunch by
this beautiful waterfall!
Lil Hailey, Andrew, and Courtney just chillin in the cabin
Jordan attempting to give Andrew a wedgie as Andrew
is trying so hard to catch a crodad (spell check?)
Chelsea was indeed a maniac when it came to crodad
catching, horny toad hunting, salamandor finding, and
dealing with any other slimy creatures around the cabin.
One of the few ponds around the cabin
We caught Jett flirting with Hailey a few times here and there
I think he may have a little crush... but that wasn't the only
crush between the Olsen kids and Hatch kids :)
Going for a ride on the Razer... it was lots of fun!
On our way to the mountains... Jett and Andrew were a bit
sleepy... Jett fell asleep with a big lemon head in his mouth
as well as a piece of gum and a jaw breaker... ha funny boy!
The Olsen and Hatch kids... they were the party of the trip!
Bringing out the lunch... Thank you Shannon and Kristi
for the yummy sandwiches!
Kristi and Hailey :)
Cute little Courtney!
Just me! Thanks for the pretty flower my love!
Near our picnic spot in the mountains
Oh how i love family and the beautiful mountains of
The beautiful view from the tippity top!
My cute niece Chelsea and crazy nephew Jordan!
This boy is nuts! Andrew and i pulled up on the four wheeler
to find Jordan frantically sticking his whole arm in a hole
to find a squirrel he had just shot. He finds it.. brings it out
by its tail and the next thing we know, hes got his pocket knife
out and skinning the poor squirrel... Guess what Jordan had for
dinner that night... thats right... dead squirrel!
Just doing a little rock climbing!
My hubby and I on top of the world!
He may be a little wierd sometimes... but thats one of the many
things I love about him!! :)
My husband is the master at clay pigeon shooting
and Randy is an excellent clay pigeon thrower
This little boy right here is one of the cutest little guys...
he indeed is a true cowboy and loves his pony Thunderpants.
Funny story about him from our weekend at the cabin... He found the
littlest frog I have ever seen.. it was teeny! He brought it inside and set
it on the couch next to Andrew. It wasn't long til the frog was suddenly
dead. He leaned over to Andrew and whispered, "Hey Andrew,
he's dead!" That didn't stop Jett though he continued to play with this little
frog while at the same time eating GOLD FISH crackers. He grabbed
a gold fish stuck it in front of the frog and would say... "want a goldfish?
want a goldfish?... too SLOW!!" and then he would eat the goldfish and
continued while pressing the cracker against the DEAD frog... "On your back,
On your back... too SLOW!!" (then ate the fish) "On your head, on your head...
too SLOW!!" (ate the fish and flopped the frog onto his back) "On your
stomach, on your stomach... too SLOW!!" Who knows where that frog had
been, but he sure had the time of his life teasing the DEAD frog and then
eating the goldfish after smothering the frog with them... eww! silly boy!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pizza Eating Contest

It all began at work one day when Andrew was challenged to a food eating Contest... Nurse Jenny (below 1st picture) was the challenger. It was just the two of them in the beginning, but it suddenly turned into a bigger deal than just that. Domino's donated pizza and each contestant participating (8 contestants) had a charity name in which the money would go to. There were signs all over the hospital telling about this event! So the contest began and each contestant had 10 minutes to down as much pizza as they could. Jenny was indeed a pizza eating maniac! She downed 1 1/2 pizzas... Andrew downed 1. So it is true... Andrew got beat by a girl, but he wasn't the only one! She destroyed four other men too! Jenny, I'd say, is a tough one to compete against! GO JENNY!! All the donations went to the Hirsche Smiles Charity!

Good job baby! I think you did great! You could beat me in an eating contest any day! :)