Thursday, October 18, 2012

Heres to a busy summer!

Summer at times can be a little overwhelming for me, with how busy it is. This one in-particular was probably the most craziest, stressful, of our many summers... it being full of applications, secondary applications, and then the waiting game of hearing back from Med Schools for Andrew to come interview. Oh! And then of course family in and out and in and out all summer long... makes for craziness and business! But looking back at our summer adventures, I think I'd do it again  :) (minus the Andrew applying to med school part... to much work, and too much money!) We're both very grateful, he has at least 1 acceptance so far so we know we WON'T have to go through the process again :) Anyways more about that later, for now here are some of our Adventures... 
I ran the Wasatch Ragnar with my sister Amber, and others whom I did not know, but made for awesome teammates! We ran in behalf of Huntsman Cancer Institute to help raise money for Cancer research. It was a fabulous experience!
My cousin Kaitlynn and her cute little family lived with us for a month, which was a treat!! It had been years since we hung out because of the distance between us, but because of a job her husband Jordan got her in Utah, we got to catch up on life and introduce our baby boys, while they looked for a place to live in Salt Lake area. It was a so fun! 

Summer would not be summer with out Hokulia Sno Cones and my niece Courtney coming to stay with us! I know, I know I look really hot in this picture :s

 As well as my niece Camry and her cousin Ashlynn whom we claim as our niece too!! :) (wish I had a better picture of these two cute girls, darnit! This will have to do) They're in the back middle! And thanks to the Smith's for letting us swim in their beautiful pool, many times throughout the summer!!

Our very first garden! Thanks to the Smiths again for letting us use their planter boxes to create our garden :)

 Some goods in our garden growing! It was so fun, but got a little behind on the upkeeping... its ALOT of work especially when its a 30 minute drive from home! But our first experience and we did get some yummy food from it. 

Parks got to have his good friend Sam for a week during the summer while his family went to Lake Powell! We sure love you Sam!!
Couldn't miss the Pioneer Days Celebration in Snowflake!! Love it! (at the parade)

Parks loved all the apples that had fallen off Grammy and Grandpa Hatch's tree in AZ

Went to a few Rodeos over the summer, this one in-particular was the Heber Rodeo, thank you Amber and Glenn for taking us! :)

Went to our Hatch Family Cabin in Colorado for a Lewis reunion, lots of fun! Thanks to my brother Jarom his wife Katie, and my parents for making a trip there to clean up the place and make sure we had enough water for the weekend!!
 Almost all the Lewis nieces and nephews as well as my niece Courtney on top of the water tank at the cabin.

We had a Paulson Reunion which is Andrew's Grandmas siblings and their families... First year I got to experience it! Lots of people, lots of food, and lots of fun! And we even got matching reunion shirts... Andrew was too cool for his, thats why he's not in the picture, terd!
  One of our last adventures of the summer we got to go to Idaho with these ^two cute babies and of course Finn's parents (pictured below), to the Smith's cabin! Thanks again Phil and Shani! We love you and we love your home!! Thanks for sharing with us :) 
 Headed to the pool!
 This picture cracks me up! Not only Brocks crazy face, but Finns tongue reaching for some food, I think he's hungry!! :)
 We went to Music on Main, and let me tell you it was quite the experience! Here we are in teeny tiny town of Victor Idaho and yet there were SOOO many people at this shin dig! It was AWESOME!!
 Nesha and I rockin out... the best was this 60 year old barefoot hippie with dreads swaying back and forth to the music! So awesome!!
 OH the pool, the beautiful pool, so relaxing!!
We even played some Tennis, and after playing I was wondering why the heck we weren't at that tennis court everyday we were there?! So fun!

 We even took a day to go to Rexburg and reminisce on the good ol' days when I lived there!! We ate at one of my favorite sandwich spots millhollow, visited BYU-Idaho campus, drove around the great town of Rexburg, and got a few things at walmart. I loved every second of it! Doesnt ^Parks crack you up in this picture?! Gee I love my little man! And my hubby too of course!! they are the best!!

 We played a lot of scrabble! Look at this scrabble board... most incredible scrabble experience I've ever had because of this! Awesome!
 We always eat very well while we are at the Smith Cabin, because the kitchen is so fun to cook in and we all love to cook! One of our yummy dinners!
 Buddies in their Bumbos!

Everytime it comes time to clean up and leave the cabin, I get a little sad, I dont want to leave. I love it there, and I love Victor Idaho!

And last but not least... My sister Kalicia came and visited with my parents. Our babies are 4 months apart. She has a girl, I have a boy so why not switch their outfits and take a few pictures?! I know Parks is going to hate this when he is older, but we couldn't resist!! Such cute cousins!!

And that concludes our summer!! And to think we're halfway through fall, gee time goes by much too fast!! 

I just want to say how proud I am of my husband and all his hard work!!! Med school here we come! (next fall).. As of right now its Arizona, but we are still hoping to hear from a few other schools that we'd like to go to! Options would be very nice, but of course we are very grateful that Andrew has 1 acceptance under his belt right now!! We feel so very blessed for our friends and family who have helped us get to where we are thus far! You know who you are and we love you so very much! 

My head hurts, and I'm hoping after this is posted that it makes sense cause I feel like I've been sitting at the computer for 3 hours now just rambling. Such a long post, I apologize! Until next time... hopefully a little sooner than 5 months, this time around :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

First hair cut!

Well I can't believe it! Parks is 6 months today! And he got his first hair cut this morning (thanks to my sister Amber!) :) We'll be taking some family pictures later this evening, so more pics and what not to come!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Catching up!

 Parks is getting so big and growing up way to fast! It was so fun celebrating mothers day this year and being a mother myself. I'm so blessed to be his mother! He is such a joy and both Andrew and I can't get enough of him! We love you our little Parks man!

 This was an early morning with dad.. Andrew so kindly hung out with Parks so I could sleep another hour or so! :)
 I love those cheeks and smile!
 whenever I put him in his swing he usually ends up like this^... one time I scooted him back up and he got mad and started fussing then scooted himself back down, stopped fussing and chilled like this^ for like 10 minutes... haha such a nerd
 And this is what Parks looks like when you try and wash his neck.. haha :)
 All Clean and cute as can be!
Isn't he such a stud?! I think so! :) 

Happy 3rd Anniversary to us yesterday! It was a wonderful day! We went to dinner at Chef's Table and all was well until this group of ppl came in and were seated in the same room as us and one other table... One guy in this group was full of himself and LOUD... his voice echoed throughout the whole room and everyone else at that table couldnt get a word in cause he was non stop talking about money and the "largest in the world" this and the "largest in the world" that. He was pretty obnoxious! But other than that the food was DELICIOUS and I was with my husband so that's all that mattered! 

Andrew being the thoughtful person that he is called ahead of time to make us reservations, but also asked that they get some flowers and place them on the table for me when we arrive! They were beautiful! 
 Below is a picture of our dessert.. it was light and so yummy!!

Andrew and I have both become very passionate about cooking and good food so its always fun for us to try new restaurants!

Thank you Andrew William Lewis for asking me to marry you and be your wife! It's been the most incredible  3 years and to think that we made this little guy...
Makes me smile everyday!! Thanks for being such a good daddy and my bestest friend ever! I love you always and forever!! 

If any of you care to watch our wedding video here are the links!... 

Happy 26th Birthday to my husband on April 21st! Here are pics from the day of celebration!!

At 3:00 in the morning I placed these balloons in our room while he was sleeping... each string had something I loved about him (26 total for his 26th birthday) I'm glad he didnt wake up to go to the bathroom like he occasionally does, the balloon strings may have freaked him out in the dark! :)

 BBQ in the backyard... it was a beautiful day!
 Getting ready to eat some cake!
Blowing out the candles! 

After the BBQ the guys gathered around the TV and watched the UFC fight, thats when us girls (me, Nesha, and sister Amber) bailed to the theatre and watched The Lucky One!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Parks blessing day!

Parks was blessed by his daddy in church this past Sunday March 25, 2012. Andrew did such a wonderful job!! Thank you to all our friends and family for their love and support on this special day! We love you all!

Treeroom Date Night!

Our good friends Nesha and Brock invited us to dinner at the TreeRoom at Sundance ski Resort! We had a fantastic time and dinner was absolutely DELICIOUS!! We always enjoy getting together for dinner with them because they get as excited as us about yummy food! Thank you Brock and Nesha for the invite and for a fantastic Date night!
By the way, Nesha is baking Parks a friend right now... we are SO excited!!! :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our sweet little pumpkin and life!

Well my little boy is not so little anymore.... he is growing up much too fast! He is now 3 months old and is chunkin up real nice! :) He is the cutest and sweetest little guy and I feel so very lucky to be his mother! It melts my heart to be waken up in the morning to him fussing and then going into his room and as soon as he sees me or his daddy the fussing stops and he gets the BIGGEST smile on his face! The interrupted sleep makes it all worth it when I see his smiling face and then get to snuggle him! Oh I just love love love him!!
Parks 1st Christmas, Santa brought him a sock monkey and some binkies, perfect!
How cute are those little feet?!
Andrew has been such a good daddy and good help to me! This indeed is a stack of diapers I needed to go exchange for size 2's
We were trying to capture his funny one of sleeping but the camera startled him, darnit! He had his pointer finger propped on the side of his head like he was in deep thought with his binkie hanging off his lower lip. It was quite funny and cute!
My two boys! Gee I'm so lucky! :)
So smiley!
I love this face!
Andrew was making me quite nervous, but it was funny that it didnt even phase Parks, he didnt even flinch!
Reading with Nana!
Just hanging out on Daddy! :)
My sister Kalicia sent me this picture and I thought it was just adorable! This is my nephew Jamon holding his cousin Parks!
We get to see my nephews Tyce and Kru quite often which I'm very thankful for! I don't know what I'd do with out my sister and nephews close by! Tyce and Parks, best buds!
Whenever Kru sees Parks he just lights up with excitement! Its the cutest thing!

And this is Sam... Parks other buddy that I nanny! He too is growing up much too fast! I've been babysitting him ever since he was born and he is now 2 1/2... what the what?! And yes he has a pull up on his head... he seriously walked around with it for like 10 minutes! Silly boy! Let me tell you though, don't be surprised if you see him on TV playing basketball one day... he is 2 1/2 and already pro! He has 3 basketball hoops in the kitchen, a couple in his room, a few in the basement... they're all over and he is constantly shooting hoops!

Anyways, a little update on Andrew and I... Andrew is busy busy busy. Between classes, studying, his altius prep class for the mcat, work, and being a daddy and a wonderful husband he's got a full schedule that has me tired just thinking about it! He will take his MCAT the middle of May and then the applying to med school begins! His third round of soccer since summer time just ended, but he hopes to get on another team and continue playing because it is a nice break from schooling and what not! He will be getting surgery on his shoulder next week! It's been giving him problems ever since he dislocated it 3 1/2 years ago, so we are excited and grateful to be getting that taken care of! As for me I went back to work January 9th working 3-4 days a week. I leave Parks with my sister once a week while at work and the first time I left him, I cried and cried the whole 30 minute drive to work. It was hard, but I know he is in good hands and I'm so grateful to have my sister so close and for her willingness to hang out with my little man! She is the best! Also thank you to those (Nesha and Chelsea) who helped me out while my sister was out of town! And thank you to my mother in law for picking up Parks on her way home from work once a week! Really I just have the best friends and family! Thank you and I love you! Work is going well though and Motherhood is absolutely wonderful! It is incredible the love that you immediately have for your child! It is such a wonderful feeling! Andrew and I feel so very blessed and are so happy!