Thursday, May 17, 2012

Catching up!

 Parks is getting so big and growing up way to fast! It was so fun celebrating mothers day this year and being a mother myself. I'm so blessed to be his mother! He is such a joy and both Andrew and I can't get enough of him! We love you our little Parks man!

 This was an early morning with dad.. Andrew so kindly hung out with Parks so I could sleep another hour or so! :)
 I love those cheeks and smile!
 whenever I put him in his swing he usually ends up like this^... one time I scooted him back up and he got mad and started fussing then scooted himself back down, stopped fussing and chilled like this^ for like 10 minutes... haha such a nerd
 And this is what Parks looks like when you try and wash his neck.. haha :)
 All Clean and cute as can be!
Isn't he such a stud?! I think so! :) 


  1. What a cutie!?! I just want to squeeze him :) Him and Beck definitely need to hang out someday.

  2. he is seriously so stinkin cute!!! i love that picture of him getting his neck cleaned-i just want to kiss his face!!!

  3. Oh my gosh Jena your baby is one of the cuttest baby i have ever seen! Congrats on such a cute family! Sounds like things are going great for you guys! Happy 3rd yr anniversary! And to many many many more!

  4. Could he be any cuter? I love the pictures! What a lover boy!