Monday, March 22, 2010

Bobooshka Alla

The last couple weeks we have had the privilege of having Baba Alla in our home! Alla is a SwEeT lady from Russia. Andrew served his mission in Russia and Alla was like a grandma to him and the other missionaries in the Vladivistok mission. When Andrew left Russia he promised Alla he'd find a way for her to come to America so that she can visit temple square, attend conference, and what not! Thanks to Andrew's parents that promise was kept! .... I was a little nervous about the communication situation (she doesn't speak English), but it has all worked out! We've learned to communicate with our hands!

This last Friday my mother-in-law, Alla, Andrew, and I went to the Salt Lake Temple and did a session... we got out of the session at about 5:30 and were starving cause we had all skipped lunch. Alla was peacefully enjoying the temple as our stomachs were growling, but of course we didn't want to push her along, it being her first time there and possibly her last. After about 15 minutes or so Andrew said something to the effect of, "Alla, I want you to take your time and enjoy, but Jena is REALLY hungry...... " Immediately Alla replies, "Oh! We better go then, it may not only be Jena that is hungry... she might have a baby inside there!" HA! If things were Alla's way we'd be popping out babies left and right! She loves to tease us about having kids NOW!!
We then went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and she LOVED the food, as do I! Andrew and I told the server it was her birthday (a little white lie) :) and sure enough they brought out the saddle and on hopped Alla (after she realized it was OK that all these people were surrounding her and shouting)

We've had many adventures thus far with more to come! Andrew took Alla on a motorbike ride and she LOVED it! Imagine a 73 year old woman on a motorcycle telling Andrew to go faster! He got up to 125 mph and she wasn't scared, not at all! She just wanted to go faster! She is a hoot and such a fun grandma!!

Alla has been busy making each of us slippers out of yarn! They're so comfy and warm!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


It's been about a year and a half since the four of us ^ (Me, Noelle, Lori Jane, Amanda) ^ went on the American/Church history tour where we met and became roommates for 25 days... and those 25 days were incredible! We flew into Richmond, Virginia where a BYU-Idaho bus awaited us and thats where it all began. We got to see, experience, and learn so many fun/cool/interesting/spiritual things. And it was throughout those 25 days that the FOUR of us became the best of friends! Sadly its been a year and a half since the last time we were all together, but this last weekend we were able to meet up at Zupa's in Draper and catch up on one anothers lives! We had a ball and laughed and laughed and laughed again! It wasn't until we started to get looks from Zupa's employees as if saying, "seriously, you're STILL here!?"(3 1/2 hours later) that we decided we should probably go. It was SO fun and i sure do miss these ladies! Lets not let time fly by us like that again girls! :)

Below are pictures of some of our Adventures!
Williamsburg Colonial
Ah Amanda! :)
By far the BEST caramel apple I've EVER... found in Williamsburg Colonial
Beautiful DC temple
Philedelphia, its the truth, they have the BEST philly cheesteaks
Central Park
Wicked!! in NYC! everyone must see at least once in their lifetime!
Birthplace of Joseph Smith!
We had lots of time on the bus..
.... I mean LOTS of time! and LOTs of laughs!
Restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood/Susquehanna River
In the Susquehanna River
Kirtland Temple!
Skyline of NYC
Walden Pond!
Women's Rights Museum
Mansion homes in Rhode Island, they were AMAZING!
Beautiful view and backyard of mansion homes!
This was a CRAZY night!! Can you tell? :)
Boston... I LOVE Boston
Beautiful Palmyra temple!
The Sacred Grove.... so peaceful!

Hill Camorah!
Niagara Falls!
Beautiful Nauvoo Temple!
The whole group in the JSMB at the end of the tour! My family, for 25 days!
It was indeed sad leaving everyone at the end of the trip, but seeing Andrew and being able to be with him again was the best feeling in the world! This ^ is 2 months after Andrew and I met, we were apart for the whole second month of us dating... I believe absence made the heart grow fonder, I missed him like crazy! :) The two little lovebirds at the other end of the picture were in the same position as us, and are now married as well!! CUTE :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ice Castles

A couple weekends ago some good friends Nikki, Wes, Sari, and Mckell and ourselves got together and headed up to Zermatt Resort. We ate dinner at a little restaurant and then toured the giant ice castles they had made there. Nikki, Wes, and Mckell bummed out on going through the ice castles because it was pretty chilly, so it was just Andrew, me, and Sari who did the touring while the others waited in the car... (whimps!) :) We ended the night with some swimming and hot tubbing there at Zermatt. It was indeed a fun night! Thanks for coming friends!!