Sunday, May 30, 2010

Florida and Arizona!

Well the last few weeks were a bit crazy, but so fun!! Andrew and I had the opportunity to go to Florida to visit Andrew's brother Ben, his wife Leah, and their sweet daughter Alyssa... as well as celebrate our 1 year Anniversary! We had a fun filled week of beach time, Miami zoo, Marlins baseball game, walks around the neighborhood as well as at the ginormous mall, dinner at cheesecake Factory on our Anniversary, delicious meals made by Leah (she is little mrs Betty Crocker!), delicious Apple Pie made by Leah :), a morning run around a beautiful loop (I felt as if i was in paradise, it was beautiful!), Russian grocery stores, paddle ball.. trac ball.. and volleyball on the beach, and family time spent with the Ben and Leah Lewis Family! It was a blast! Thank you Ben and Leah for being so hospitable, we love you guys and look forward to seeing you in August!

When our Florida vacation came to an end, we flew home... got home at 1 a.m. Thursday morning.. got a few hours of sleep and then drove together with my sisters Amber and Kalicia as well as nephew Tyce and continued our vacation to Arizona for our sister Mckala's 8th grade graduation! Mckala looked adorable! I just can't believe she'll be in high school next year and whats even crazier to me is my oldest niece will be getting her license next year as well! These girls use to be so little.. where did the time go?! Amber, Kalicia, Andrew, and I gathered our nieces and nephews as well as Mckala's friends and played COPS AND ROBBERS one of the nights we were there.... it was so fun!!! It was so fun being home with family, its quite chaotic when we are all together with all the nieces and nephews running around, but I look forward to it every-time we get to go home to visit! I love my family and am so grateful I am blessed with the love and support of my wonderful parents as well as each and everyone of my siblings!
After Mckala's graduation we got together for some dinner at Eva's (mexican food) so yummy!! Thanks mom and dad!!
Keeping Tyce entertained on the drive! :)
Courtney and Tyce are inseparable... Tyce use to cry for me, but now I think Courtney has taken my place! Loving cousins, its cute!
Andrew and I brought along our beast of a waffle maker and prepared a waffle breakfast for the family! Here's a good group of the kids!

Mckala at her graduation! She's all grown up! :)
Family at graduation!
Pit stop on our way to Arizona!! Tyce had a blue ring pop... can you tell?!
Alyssa is so sweet, because they moved to Florida when Andrew and I first started dating I wasnt able to get to know Alyssa very well. She is so fun and sweet!! According to her Andrew and I were called "nena and nena" :) haha she couldn't quite remember "drew" so Andrew was nena too!
Andrew's sweet trac ball skills!
He was trying to look like a camel ... I think he did a pretty good job! haha
At the Zoo! It was a humungous zoo!
Ben, Leah, and Alyssa

Marlins game! It was a blast!!
After the beach!
Andrew and Ben in sweet snorkeling gear
At the beach!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

1 Year Anniversary

Today is indeed our 1 year Anniversary and it has been the most incredible year being able to spend it with my best friend!! I love you Andrew William Lewis and am excited for many more years spent with you!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Late Post- Vegas!

A couple weekends ago Andrew and I had the opportunity to go to Vegas... It was indeed a quick trip, but here's a few pics of our Adventure...
My two sweet sisters whom are both currently prego, Amber (left) due in October and Trisha (right) due in September!! Trisha will be having a boy and Amber we do not know yet! I am quite excited for the both of them!!
While the boys went to the races, we treated ourselves to lunch at Pei Wei with a pedicure to follow! It was quite nice and relaxing and in the end we came home with cute toes! Thanks for the fun time sisters!! Love you both!! :)
Andrew caught this on camera... Our sweet niece Alisa and nephew Tyce (cousins) snuggling while watching a movie! So cute!!
A walk on the strip.... We were on an adventure to find the Strip House Steak House... Supposedly they have a 24 layer chocolate cake in which we discovered on the Food Network channel... we didnt quite make it to the restaurant before we decided we'd get it another time, it had been a long day and we were pooped!
Andrew took the camera to get some pics at the races... well here is picture number one (some random guy) and....
picture number two and that concludes his photos of memories at the races.... typical guy I suppose! ha!

P.S. 11 days til Our 1 year anniversary!! Can't believe how fast this last year has gone by.... Spending it with my Best Friend has been INCREDIBLE!!! To celebrate, we are heading to Florida for a week (leaving next week).... SUNSHINE here we come!!!! :)

OH! and... I chopped my hair....AgAiN... its well... ReAllY short! Pictures to come...