Thursday, June 18, 2009

1 month Anniversary!

Well... We survived a month of marriage together! As if it was hard?! Ya right!! Andrew and I celebrated our one month anniversary on Tuesday June 16th by going to one of our MOST favorite places to eat for dinner... Texas Roadhouse! Yum! We enjoyed our dinner then decided to go walk around the mall! After which we started heading home from Sandy and I convinced Andrew that we must drive to Alpine (probably about 30 minutes or so out of our way) JUST to get a snow cone... because if you've never had snowasis snow cones... You must try them!! They're the best!! So we drove there and he made fun of me cause I knew of only one way to get there and it was quite the loop! ha with his help I discovered as we were leaving Snowasis... there is a much quicker route! Oh the adventures! We had such a good time together! My husband is indeed the best husband in the world and I absolutely love being married to him! He's such a hard worker, not only at work, but around the house too! When we were first getting settled in together I found him on his hands and knees scrubbing our bathroom floor and baseboards! We got a sweet vacuum that sucks up and cleans like no other, as a wedding gift, and I think he's used it on our floors more than me! He is always doing all he can to help me and serve me. Lately he's found a new love for sharpening knives... actually I think he's become obsessed and I love it cause when he gets excited about something, he's like a little boy on christmas day! I think he may be rubbing off, just a little bit, on me though cause just yesterday him and I were cutting up a watermelon and it took us about an hour to cut up when we probably could have done it in less than 15 minutes... We broke out our cutco knife (also a wedding gift) and compared it to our mother Sandy's knives (that Andrew had been sharpening), by cutting all the rines from the watermelon into pieces. The comparison came pretty darn close, but we agreed that the cutco knife cut smoother! The things I love about Andrew are endless! Thanks for being such a wonderful Husband Andrew, I love you!!
Texas Roadhouse.. YUM!!
In the mall by a cool fountain!
Isn't he cute?!
The best snow cones ever! Ice cream in the bottom,
cream on top, and snow cone as soft as snow!

oh what joy!!

Aren't nieces and nephews the best?! In the past four months 2 handsome boys and 2 beautiful girls have been born into our families! Meet....

Madison (Madie) born June 10th

Aly born April 24th

David born April 11

and the 1st one to come of the bunch, Max born March 12th

Aren't they adorable?! I think so! That makes 26 nieces and nephews for Andrew and I between our two families! I love it!! Keep them a' comin! Congrats Amy & Jesse, Sara & Stewart, Katie & Jarom, Mindy & Jared! Such beautiful kids! (P.S. I stole the pictures from your blogs.. ha! Thank you! )

Friday, June 12, 2009


Today is our little nephew, tyceroni's 1st birthday! I can't believe how fast he has grown up! I've become a bit attached to this kid just because I've seen this little boy grow from the beginning! If I don't see him for a couple days I begin to have Tyce withdrawls! Andrew and love this little boy so so much and love to take him off Amber and Glenn's hands when they're working or need to run errands. He is such a sweet boy with quite the personality! It doesn't take much to get him to laugh... you'll see in the video of him and Andrew! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYCE! WE LOVE YOU!! Love, Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jena

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Camping in Hobble Creek Canyon

So after getting all settled in and back to reality Andrew and I were able to put together a camping trip with some friends and family! We camped at one of the most beautiful camping spots! Super green, away from people, a running river, fantastic company, and trails for four wheeling, I'd say it doesn't get much better than that! We all had a good time around the campfire, eating tin foil dinners, roasting marshmallows and starbursts, and enjoying one another's company! The following morning Kalicia, Steve, Tyler, and Tj took off... Sari, Mckell, Andrew, and I stayed, had breakfast, and then went on a crazy four wheeler ride! We rode for about 2 hours over
crazy intense trails until we pulled into the town
of Wallsburg. Andrew and I both were covered in dust and dirt as you can see from pictures! Anyways.. I thought growing up in taylor was living it small town, but wow.. I think Wallsburg beats it all! We stopped at the only place in town to eat.. "Solo in town Grocery and Grill." What an adventure it was! :) By the way... the very first picture was quite funny when in the process of taking it.. I'm not sure if you can tell by the expression on Andrew's face, but he was concentrating so hard on trying to keep his fingers straight. It took a lot for him to hold up three fingers on each hand and then open his mouth in form of an "O... WOW for
Wallsburg"... haha I love you baby!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Arizona Reception

I had always dreamed of having an outdoor reception and we got one for about an hour... then it suddenly began to storm like crazy! Our decorators did such a beautiful job and everything was perfect... until the rain destroyed it! Oh well though! What can you do right?! So we moved everyone inside my brother Jason's house... (THANK YOU JASON AND SHANNON!) where we continued the party! Thanks to all my family, Vicki Abbott, Melissa Halebig, and Dawn Hall for making my reception absolutely beautiful for the time it lasted outside! :) And thanks to all those who were able to make it! It was so good to see a lot of you whom I had not seen in months/years! It's always fun to see old friends! Jon and Steff... it was so sweet of you to make the trip from utah! We love you!