Thursday, February 18, 2010

What to do with those Christmas Cards?!

Have any of you wondered what the heck to do with all the Christmas/New Years pictures and cards family and friends send you over the holidays?! Well I learned this cute idea from a show I watch with all kinds of crafty ideas. All you need is some cute Christmas scrapbook paper, chipboard (or i just use a cereal box!), 2 snap rings, and whatever else you desire to decorate your Christmas book. Begin by measuring the biggest picture/card you received (you may need to measure the biggest card in width and then the biggest card in height) and then use those measurements to cut out 2 pieces of chipboard! Cover both pieces of chipboard with scrapbook paper... decorate front however you desire. Punch two holes in the cover pieces as well as your pictures/cards and bind together with snap rings! Just an idea! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Day

Unfortunately Andrew had a clinical at the hospital ALL day long on Valentine's Day, but he was able to come home by dinner time and it ended up being a wonderful evening together! When I was on my way out to my car to head to church that morning I noticed little post it notes stuck to my window and all around inside my car! My sweet husband had written me a poem which lead to the CD he had made me and as soon as I turned on the stereo it immediately began to play. He had put together all the songs with meaning to our relationship... most of which are on our wedding video! It was the cutest thing and reminded me just how sweet and thoughtful my husband is! He also treated me with LOTS of YUMMY chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, a grapefruit spoon (which i've been wanting for a while since I'm kinda obsessed with grapefruits), and a connecter cord so i can play my ipod through the surround sound on our TV. Isn't he the best?! OH HOW I LOVE HIM!!!! :) When he arrived home (FINALLY!!) I had the table set and ready for a Valentine's dinner together. I usually stick to recipes I know how to cook because trying to cook new things is kinda intimidating to me, but I decided I was going to cook out of the box... I tried something new and it turned out pretty good! I learned it from Rachel Ray.. Her Reuben stuffed chicken along with some buttery sweet potatoes I also learned from a cooking show that were so addicting and delicious! Served with a little Martinelli's and cupcakes for dessert! It was our first Valentine's together as husband and wife and it was very special! I love you Andrew William Lewis!

Visit from a friend!

My good friend Aleesa Gail Hunt paid a visit to Utah this last weekend, so we were able to get together for a night and catch up on life! We went to Farr's Fresh for some Ice cream (absolutely delicious!) and then caught a chic flik at the theater... Dear John, so good!! It was so good seeing you Aleesa... I had a wonderful time! Can't wait to see you again!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Weekend Getaway

Because of the wonderful family I nanny for, Andrew and I were able to get away for the weekend at the Solitude Ski Resort! We spent friday on the slopes enjoying the day with little Easton, Tanner, Savannah, and Phil. And thanks to Phil, again Andrew and I were able to enjoy fresh powder on saturday as well!! We spent the night in their beautiful condo just steps away from the lift! It was an absolutely fantastic weekend and just what Andrew and I needed because he is deep into clinicals and rarely home! Thank you, thank you, thank you Smith Family!!

On our way to the mountain!

Andrew, Me, and Tanner on top of the mountain about to prove ourselves experts :)

Savannah and I... One of the sweetest/cutest girls I know!! Sorry boys, I'm saving her for my nephew :)

My studly husband and I :)

Isn't he cute? :)

Our friends Tyler and Sarah joined us for an evening of games and fun!

Oh how I love the snow!! It is beautiful!


On the balcony of the condo... it was a beautiful view!

They're was even a skating rink ^... sadly we didn't take advantage of it :(

This was actually at the gardens of la caille (spelling?!) resteraunt... we stopped on our way home to see all the fun animals that just wander around.