Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer of fun! PICTURE OVERLOAD!!

Well this is what our summer has been full of starting with most recent, back to June! Its been full of family, friends, and lots of fun!!
We spent Pioneer Day Celebration back home in Taylor/Snowflake where we enjoyed a car show^.....
Ran a race, Mckala placed in her aged group!....
Andrew and I after the Pioneer Day 10K.....
Went to the play Beauty and the Beast.... Mom, Andrew, Shannon, and Chelsea scrunched in the back of our car after the play!
Tyce was the center of attention by all the cousins while we were in Arizona.... and that concludes the pictures of our trip to Arizona.... We also got to meet our new nephew Pilot while home! He is adorable!!

We put together a softball team and well we didn't do so hot, but it was fun to play!!! Thanks team, ya'll are the bomb!
Amber and I have spent many of our summer days at Seven Peaks....
Sam and Tyce enjoying the sun at Seven Peaks!
Sam spent 5 days with Andrew and I while his family went to lake Powell.... It was the CUTEST thing seeing Andrew help me with all the daily things a baby needs to be taken care of... I sensed a bit of baby hungry from Andrew! :) He will be such a good daddy one day!!!
4th of July weekend was spent with Lewis family as well as the Hatch family!! Above is Andrew and his brother Jon roasting some mallows
Lewis family enjoying the firework show, thank you Jon for the SWEET fireworks!!
Andrew was being extra cautious with his safety goggles! Better safe than sorry!! :)
While the Hatch family was in town for the 4th we went to the vendors and Chelsea and I spotted this sweet van.... A subaru 360, I will have one someday!!
Andrew and I ran the Freedom Run 10K, our first race together!!
Sisters! watching the Stadium of fire fireworks!
My Mom and Dad aka the SWEETEST parents ever!! Love you!!!
niece Chelsea, me, and sisters Mckala and Amber.... still watching the fireworks!!
Lovelace family... watching the Fireworks!!
Thanks to the Smith family, we were able to enjoy a night of swimming and roasting marshmallows in their backyard!! Thank you Smith's, I sure love you guys!!
Chelsea, me, alien aka Andrew, Mckala, Amber, and Tyce
My lovely husband :)
Dad, Mom, Tyce, and Amber in the hot tub!!
It's become a tradition when the Hatch's gather in Utah to go bowling on BYU campus! good times! :) Thanks mom and dad!!
Thanks to Easton, I discovered this sweet toy store in the Riverwoods of Provo! So I convinced my family into going to check it out and we had a good ol time and spent at least a good hour in the store!
Meet the Fairbanks Boys! Cole, Jack, Braden, Camron, and Sam (hiding in the carseat behind Camron) These boys are totally sweet and I'm lucky enough to get to chill with these boys 2-3 times a week! We spent the day at 7 Peaks and then enjoyed snow cones at their favorite snow cone shack, Hokulia in Provo!
Can you tell what flavor of snow cone Jack got?!
Andrew and I enjoyed a hike together to Stewart Falls!! Haven't done the hike up Mt. Timp this summer yet, but plan too soon!! We enjoy hiking!
We also have celebrated Tyce's 2nd birthday this summer!! His lollipop was one of his FAVORITE presents!
Happy birthday Tyce!
So cute!!
I got to make Tyce's Birthday cake! It was a lot of fun!
Our niece Courtney came and visited us from Arizona for a whole 3 weeks!! It was a blast!! We painted nails......
went to lake powell!.....

Sari and I got some sweet tats while at Lake powell!
Andrew caught a HUGE fish!
water wiener wars were my favorite!
more wars!
and more....
Also while Courtney was in town we went swimming at Scera Pools.....
Went to Jump on it!!
We sure loved having you in our home for a few weeks Courtney! You are so spunky and fun!! We love you and look forward to the next time you come to visit!!

And well this catches us up for a bit!! Happy Summer!!!