Saturday, February 12, 2011

Vaca to Idaho

About 3 weeks ago Andrew and I as well as some friends paid a visit to Victor, Idaho. The Smith Family whom I work for has their 2nd home there and so kindly let us go and stay in it! The home is ABSOLUTELY incredible and BEAUTIFUL!! We were not able to leave until a thursday EVENING, therefore putting us through a snow storm the whole drive to Victor! Which should have been a 4.5 hour drive turned into a 6.5-7 hour drive! Lets just say we were MORE than ready to be there when we got there! Our friends Nesha, Brock, Ryan, and Alyssa joined us! Because we were 30 minutes from Jackson Hole and thirty minutes from Grand Targhee we spent a day at each! It was fantastic! Definitely a weekend I'll never forget!
This is the Smith Home in the middle of a WiNtER WoNdErlAnD... so beautiful!!
An old roommate from BYU-ID and Good Friend of mine along with her husband Rhett and baby Jolee came and spent a day with us! We built a giant snowman, had dinner, and played games! Thanks for coming Jenn, I love you!
I must brag a little about how stinkin cool my boss is! While we were staying in their home, they called up the spa just down the road from the house and treated us to a couples massage! It was AbSoLuTely AMAZING!! As you can tell in the picture we are quite relaxed! They seriously are the most generous people! Thank you Phil and Shani, We love you guys!!
Brock, Nesha, Me, and Andrew after a day of snowboarding at Grand Targhee! Imagine snowboarding in complete fog and not being able to see 5 feet in front of you, who knows you could easily run into a tree or fall off a cliff... ha yes that is what it was like at the top of the mountain. A tid bit scary, but we still had a BLAST!
Nesha decided to get a little crazy and ride through some branches.... ya she kinda got stuck, it was quite funny!
Nesha and Brock!
My lover and I :)
This is in Jackson Hole... nothing better than an animal fur jockstrap!? I give it two thumbs up!
The Merry Piglets Mexican Restaurant... yum!
I've always wanted to see a live moose, it was my lucky day!
Nesha and I rockin it at Just Dance 2
Brock and Andrew rockin it at Just Dance 2
Our GIANT snowman! I'm hoping its still standing to greet the Smith's when they return to visit their home! :)
yes this is my husband and he is CrAzY!
My good friends husband Rhett and baby Jolie... adorable!
We HAD to turn around and take a picture with the GIANT spud after we had already passed it! Now thats a BIG potato!
This is Nesha and I on top of the potato....
This is Nesha jumping off the potato and as you can tell by the expression on her face... I don't think it felt very good, but to me it was quite humorous! haha
Entering into Jackson Hole Wyoming!!!

It was indeed a fantastic time!! Thanks friends for joining us, it wouldn't have been the same without you! :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cupcake Obsession

So I have to tell ya'll about Andrew and I's new favorite place....* The Cocoa Bean*.... A gourmet cupcake cafe! If you haven't been there, you must go and enjoy a cupcake to yourself! They have TONS of different flavors that they rotate through and a variety of 8 flavors each and everyday! I have the schedule hanging on our refrigerator with those that we have tried, highlighted. We have decided thus far our 2 top favorites are the Ultimate Brownie and Luscious Lemon Blueberry... YUM! I hate to admit, but I'm kinda addicted! I have cravings for CuPcAkEs!! :) They may be the cause of me PLUMPING right up! So if you see me and that is the case, I blame The Cocoa Bean! :)
Andrew's half way eaten Carrot Cake :)
My half eaten Dirty Turtle :)
Two HAPPY people after a delicious CuPcaKe!
And of course the schedule.... Look at all those YUMMY flavors!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

To my LOVER and Best FRIEND

This post I dedicate to that guy up there ^... you may not recognize him because of his funny facial hair, but that is indeed Andrew, my husband, my lover, and my BESTEST friend in the whole wide world. He makes me smile and I LOVE him!! Andrew is a very busy busy person... he is currently taking pre-med classes at UVU and works at the hospital... SO his life consists of school, studying, work, and more studying. So really I'm lucky if i get to see him during the week! Our schedules completely clash and it stinks, because I just want to be with him ALL the time! but such is life... I have to tell all of you how proud I am of him! He pulled straight A's this last semester in his classes that consisted of Chemistry, Chemistry Lab, Biology, and Biology Lab! I didn't work when I was in school at BYU-Idaho and I didn't get a single A besides in my exercise classes! Lets just say I'm glad he's in school and is VERY smart cause I was a bit of a slacker and possibly the very opposite of smart! Congrats Lover and keep up the good work!! Andrew will be able to apply to Med School in spring of 2012... we are both looking forward to it! P.S. Andrew you're the best husband EVER! I love you!

Wedding bells!!

Congrats to Willie and Kalicia!!! My little sister is engaged!! Wahoo!!!! Congrats you two, I love you and can't wait for the big day!

Christmas 2010

Christmas was absolutely wonderful as it always is!! Nothing is better than good food and spending time with family!! I love love love it! This year we spent Christmas with my family in Arizona! Imagine 37 people in one house.... its a little CRAZY! but so much fun of course! It's been a few years since all of my siblings and their families have been all together, and the first time Andrew had spent Christmas with my family... it was wonderful! We were even able to get a family picture, it was great!

We also came home to utah after Christmas in Arizona to most of Andrew's family! Amy and Jesse came the day after Christmas from New Mexico, Sara and Stew came for a few weeks from California, and Jon and Steff came from Sandy! We were missing Ben and Leah who live in Florida, but are looking forward to seeing them this summer!!! yay! :) ... Anyways it was so fun to spend time with our family over the holidays. Andrew and I were definitely pooped by the time it was over, but all the fun was well worth it! Andrew was not very thrilled to go back to school... it was SOOO nice to spend time together!! But back to school and work we went....

The Lewis fam at Pirate Island... such a cool arcade place with yummy pizza!!
My cute niece Bree... she was wearing about every necklace I own... along with my hair bow! so cute! :)
Isn't my husband SO stinkin hot?! :)
The Hatch Family! :) Thank you Tyler Gardner for taking our family pictures!! You're the bomb!
My nephew Kru was blessed while in Arizona at my parents house!
My stinkin cute cousins and Aunt Janice that I rarely get to see!! They came for Kru's blessing, it was so good to see them!!
Grammy and Grandpa got the nieces and nephews plasma cars... so fun!
Little Max... isn't he cute!! :)
Little Dave and Jamon... such studs!! :)
Chrismtas morning!
My mom said my dad wasn't opening their gift fast enough so she jumped right in! haha... love them to pieces!!!!!! :)
Isn't my dad the cutest in his new Christmas pajamas?! I sure do love him!
Baby Austin... he was warn out!! :)
My nephew Josh was quite excited for his new game!!! I love seeing the excitement in all the kids!!
My nephew Jamon and sister in law Mindy pregnant with her THIRD boy!! It's been years since we've gotten a girl in our family!
My brother Jarom, his wife katie, and nephew Dave on Christmas Eve!
My nieces Jacelee and Alisa! They are so fun!
My sister in law Lexi and nephews Brighton and Teal, & niece Jocelynn!! :)
Angels as part of the Nativity :)
The Nativity... I always look forward to this!
Andrew and I took our nieces Kaylene and Chelsea, Sister Mckala, and nephews Jordan and Josh to the movie! We pretty much had the theatre to ourself.. it was great!